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Certified Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver. Professional, Consistant and Reliable.
Free delivery within 30 miles of Portland.


When you select a medical caregiver, you need a reliable professional who can consistently deliver top quality product. This is standard at CCGB.

chronic strain marijuana buds

Why a Caregiver

A caregiver is able to provide private and tailored delivery of medical marijuana based on your personal needs. When you register with a caregiver, you have ensured access to your medicine without having to visit dispensaries.


Please contact me to inquire about my services. All patients must hold a valid Maine Medical Marijuana license, but all inquiries are welcome.


Three or more of the following strains are nearly always available. Patients are encouraged to inquire about the availability of strains.

  • - Skunk
  • - Train Wreck
  • - Chronic
  • - Sour Diesel
  • - Hawaiian
  • - Bubblegum
  • - Himalayan Gold
  • - White Widow
trainwreck strain marijuana buds

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